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About Our Guest

Patrick Moran - Global Head of Growth Marketing at Spotify

Prior to his current role at Spotify, Patrick held in-house marketing roles at Yik Yak, TiVo, and Netflix

Patrick is passionate about growth marketing and brand development for consumer web services. Patrick obtained a BA degree in Mass Communications/Media Studies and an MBA from the University of Michigan.


Show Notes:

Getting Into Marketing (03:13)

I have graduated from college in the Philippines back in the late 90s. I was like a brand and marketing associate at Unilever, where I have learned all the basic marketing principles such as segmentation, targeting, positioning etc.

I got a position at Unilever mainly because they were recruiting fresh undergraduates at the time. A lot of companies like Colgate, Palmolive, Procter and Gamble offer internships.

Later on, I have decided to move to the US for both professional and private reasons.

Unilever Experience (05:06)

The very basic practice at that time was to try to understand consumer behavior. When I look at it now - 20 years later - the fundamentals are still exactly the same. However, the data is richer and the channels are different.

The Early Career Days (07:15)

I have moved to New York and I have started interviewing with every CPG company there. None of them wanted to interview me, so the other option was going after the internet companies like Double Click.

They needed someone to come and review the ads. I reviewed ads to make sure that they follow the guidelines that the company had. This experience introduced me to the publisher side of internet marketing and how it all works.

Consulting For Headphone Firms And Getting Back Into Marketing Field (10:15)

What I have learned from this experience is that the relationships matter more than anything else.

There was an itch to go back into the product or marketing sphere, and this is why I have decided to go back to business school as I had limited experience.

Also, having a Filipino college on your resume did not really mean much at the time.

Career Development After MBA (15:05)

I ended up doing consulting at a media analytics company called Fliptop, which was later sold to LinkedIn. This was a great experience because I have learned a lot about the startup world.

However, again, nobody would interview me and I thought that by having this school name on my resume, people would want to speak with me but that wasn’t the case at all. Between 2009 and 2010, every interview opportunity that I got was a direct result of people from Michigan helping me out.

I would find jobs, reach out to companies on Linkedin but 99 percent of them would not speak with me.

Transition To eBay (17:03)

I was hired to do product work for a service that eBay had developed, where we would white label our paid search services to other e-commerce companies.

I ended up in a team that did strategic services for Internet marketing as a whole and I really loved working with them. The team consisted of really smart people led by a person who just knew how to strategically look at the space. I got to work with a lot of channel leaders.

Things I’ve Learned While Working At Netflix (24:00)

When it comes to the performance side of the things, content marketing is a lot less sophisticated than e-commerce marketing. The marketing team completely changed while I was there, so that was another challenge. We could say that I have learned performance at eBay, and branding at Netflix.

Moving To TiVo (29:30)

Netflix already built what they needed to build for that phase and I wanted a greater balance between performance and branding. However, the story at TiVo wasn’t really how I wanted it to pan out. The CEO was probably a little bit more focused on the B2B side of marketing.

A Decision To Move To An Earlier Stage Company Such As Yik Yak (31:40)

Yik Yak was a social media startup. Imagine Twitter, which is geo-fenced, anonymous and specifically focused on universities. That was Yik Yak. They got a very active base in the UK, US, and Australia.

They have brought me on board because they wanted someone to help them manage their marketing money. The biggest lesson I have learned here is how do we grow our base organically through some level of product/market fit.

The Role At Spotify (36:00)

The role at Spotify was one of those ideal situations where I walked in because I have learned about performance at eBay, branding at Netflix and growth at Yik Yak. For the most part, the biggest challenge at Spotify was of organizational nature.

Right now I work very closely with our media and CRM teams and ultimately we're trying to figure out how to build a persistent type of marketing that'll scale globally.

Advice For Young Marketers (38:50)

One of the things that I've learned is to remain humble during the good times and to continue to build relationships and trust. And to persevere during the bad times. Be an expert in one thing and understand that one thing better than anybody else.