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Shiv Singh - Founder and CEO at Savvy Matters

Savvy Matters is a consultancy that advises startups and Fortune 500 companies on marketing, innovation, and digital transformation


Shiv Singh is the founder and CEO of Savvy Matters, a consultancy that advises startups and Fortune 500 companies on marketing, innovation, and digital transformation. He’s also a co-author of the book Savvy - Navigating Fake Companies, Fake Leaders and Fake News. Prior to his current role, Shiv worked for companies such as Razorfish and PepsiCo. 

Show notes

Getting Into Marketing (02:33) 

For my undergraduate degree, I was at Babson College in the Boston area. I got a dual degree in Information Systems and Creative Writing and then I started looking for jobs. 

My first job was as a developer doing front-end development with a consulting company that quickly got acquired by Razorfish. 

Later they offered me another position and for a couple of years, I have lead user experience teams. 

Social Media Field (12:42) 

At the time I was really fascinated with the social media field and how these platforms were able to bring so many people together. I wanted to research what made information spread and who spread it more than others. 

A Move To PepsiCo (14:15)

I got recruited into PepsiCo for a few reasons. First and foremost was the recognition by the PepsiCo leadership. They realized how consumer behavior was changing and they decided to put social media marketing to the center of their marketing efforts. 

The Difference From Being a Service Provider to Working In-House (17:29) 

First and foremost, when you're on the agency side, you're only seeing one narrow piece of marketing. You're seeing the advertising side or maybe a little bit of the strategy.

You’re not seeing everything - from the planning cycles to sales. 

Another big difference was related to finances. I’ve joined Pepsi which had one of the largest marketing budgets of any brand in the country. 

A Role at Visa (20:57) 

At one point I knew I would want to work in Silicon Valley so that was an immediate attraction. Another fascinating thing for me was that Visa was going to go digital as a whole. 

I was also excited about what my first assignment would be, which was to lead the new brand positioning. 

The repositioning of the Visa brand included a few things. The first task was infusing more digital sensibility into a brand.

My role at visa also took a lot of research, diplomacy, education, and partnerships. 

Becoming An Author (26:03) 

The idea for a book came during a dinner with my wife. Since I have already worked on a book called “Social Media Marketing For Dummies” I was connected to the professional world and I knew that this would be something I would enjoy doing. 

It was a soul searching phase in which I wanted to pass on the skills and lessons I have learned. 

The Advice For Younger Marketers (36:24) 

Be willing to jump out of your comfort zone. Learn from failures and move forward.