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Michelle Robbins - Marketing Technology and Digital Strategy Consultant at Betagirl Consulting

Michelle is a lifelong learner who’s passionate about integrating the best of data, technology, and people to drive results.  

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Michelle is an expert at using data to surface insights that translate brand goals into successful cross-channel growth. She helps businesses with deep analysis, evaluates and improves their marketing technology platforms, and develops data-informed growth strategies and content marketing campaigns. 

Show notes

Getting Into Marketing (04:14) 

I got into marketing straight out of college when I joined Disney. They had a commercial record label called Hollywood records and this is what I did with them. 

A Transition From The Music Industry To Technology (06:10)

A couple of friends had a startup in Orange County, which was focused on software development, web server utilities, and developing web presence and marketing. When I first joined, I was an all-hands kind of person and then ultimately I lead sales and marketing for the software side. 

Moving Into Technology (07:08) 

For me, this experience was brand new because my background was not in technology at all. I never expected to take to technology as naturally as I did and I worked with some great mentors. 

Gender Bias (07:49)

I didn’t feel the gender bias within the company I worked for. They were fantastic and ended up being the most influential people in my career path. However, on the software side of things, I was tasked with demoing the software for people and most people talked to me because I was a woman, not because they were necessarily interested in the product. 

This was more pronounced once I left the sales and marketing and started pursuing programming and engineering. That’s when I started being treated like a zoo animal. 

A Transition To Engineering (10:00) 

I really wanted to learn how the product works and why does it work that way. That got the ball rolling for me and it led me to take some courses and improve my education. I took a number of programming courses primarily focused on Microsoft tech. 

BetaGirl Web Development (11:26) 

The software company I have worked for has relocated to San Francisco and I was not going to relocate with them. My home has always been LA and I have decided to do more web development but on my own. I have also started doing consulting business, which then led me to digital marketing. 

Marketing Technologies (13:50) 

The marketing I did at that time was mostly related to SEO, content, and advertising on search engines. 

Being An Independent Consultant (14:54) 

The biggest lesson I have learned is that things are always going to take longer than you think. Especially if you are developing an application or building a web presence. 

The Role At The Third Door Media (16:06) 

I was brought in to develop all of the technology, creating websites, setting up and configuring any third party technologies etc. 

The Third Door Media was a startup when I joined. I was brought in with the first four partners. I worked with all of the brands so I always worked with sales, with marketing, the executive. I assisted with a lot of things. 

Later on, I was promoted to SVP of Content and Marketing Technology. The part of the reorganization involved focusing on aligning content across the organization and across the business units instead of keeping them separate. 

The Current Focus (26:09) 

I have been taking data science courses because I have always been a data nerd. Right now, my goal is to start a master’s program in data science, either in spring or the fall semester in 2019. 

Advice For The Young Marketers (29:57) 

Seek mentors. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Bring other women up the ladder.