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Mark Evertz - Senior Revenue Marketing Coach at The Pedowitz Group

The Pedowitz Group helps their clients operationalize business accountability, digital transformation, and the customer experience through marketing operations in a process known as Revenue Marketing.

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Mark a conventional wisdom-challenging marketing strategist and lead generation specialist with a history of success in go-to-market strategy and execution for B2B, B2C, and nonprofit organizations. He specialize in extracting information from buyers and sellers, then creating go-to-market plans based on that information. 

Show notes

Getting Into Marketing (03:36) 

For me getting into marketing was by accident. A good friend of mine worked for a financial technology firm in which web copy was written by engineers. I was asked to come and help them out because I had a BA degree in Journalism. 

The First Role In Marketing (05:50) 

The first role was working in marketing, writing, and PR for Community College. I got to tell stories and I just took journalistic mindset and pretty much evangelize the value of that college, which then moved me into places like the Special Olympics. 

The Role At Xerox (07:12) 

What I have learned here is that the big corporate gray wall structure is not for me. I have found that ideas and innovation weren’t necessarily valued. However, that could have been because of a personality conflict as well. I was super opinionated at the time and I felt like I knew what I was doing. I have met some very smart people here, but the big environments don’t allow for a lot of flexibility. 

Learning What The Right Mix Was (09:21) 

What I have learned through trial and error, but also a little bit of pain, is that it didn’t matter if the company was large. What mattered is if the company was doing something transformative in an industry. 

The Special Olympics Role (10:45) 

One of the things that you learn pretty early is the value of the network and I had a lot of connections at large corporations. I was recommended for this role. At that time this was a natural fit in terms of mission and where my head was at that moment. It was a fun experience and I have met many wonderful people there. 

How Did Seniority Affect Responsibilities (13:46) 

For me, leadership role meant that I had to lead by the ability and willingness to cover ground with my team and not just march people in order. 

Post Special Olympics Times (15:27) 

After Special Olympics, my next role was at TripWire which is an IT security firm. I have started taking coursework and getting certified, interviewing people etc. 

A Transition To Agency Type Of Work (20:40) 

Again, I had some friends at the agency who suggested that I could be a good senior writer for some of the client work they were doing. I was tasked with producing copy which was more creative as opposed to being product driven. 

The Current Role (28:03) 

At the moment I am consuming a lot of information and trying to understand the deep processes that the Pedowitz Group has managed to cultivate over the course of the last decade. I just started but I was hired to help salespeople sell more and help marketing team understand how they can make that happen. 

Advice For People That Are Starting Their Careers (35:58) 

Find something you are passionate about or figure out how to become passionate at seemingly dispassionate things.