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Josh Cary - Founder at Hidden Entrepreneur

Hidden Entrepreneur helps business-savvy professionals and entrepreneurs 'unmask' themselves to show up in every situation as their true self

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Josh Cary is a former web developer who became an entrepreneur and a host of a podcast called Hidden Entrepreneur. The show helps business professionals and entrepreneurs unmask themselves, show up every day as their true selves and reach levels of success that they desperately crave.

Show notes

Getting into marketing (02:18)

To be honest, I have been all over the place and I think I will continue to be all over the place.

After high school, I was bitten by the acting bug and I went to New York to pursue a film career. It was very difficult.

At some point, I was really drawn to building websites and building community through that. I have taught myself PHP, graphic design, and web design between auditions and performances.

The Progression To Marketing (05:23)

I was building websites for businesses in the New York area. In 2007, one of my clients happened to be the owner of one of the biggest pet sitting companies in the city. While I helped them expand their business I got fascinated by the industry. The owner became my mentor and advised me to start my own pet sitting business. And that's what I and my girlfriend did in the end.

Becoming a Podcast Host and Running a Podcast Business (11:19)

I've always been drawn to personal growth and professional development.

Right now, the podcast is the marketing arm. So much of the early success and continued success in the relationships that I make with every single one of those guests.

There's no direct monetary value from the podcast yet. But there are many other positive marketing effects.

I also work one on one and in small groups with small business owners.

The Challenges That Marketers Face (21:59)

Marketers are always the first ones to go when a problem arises.

In large organizations, they also have to wait quite a bit before getting promoted. But frankly, I believe there are people who are fast movers and shakers and then there are some people who are just punching the clock and handing what's given to them.

I would say the people that are hoping it happens to them have to take the honest look within and see they’re blocking themselves.

Common Fears Marketers Run Into (28:42)

People know what they want to be doing. The first step is how can I help you be honest with yourself. One of the things that I have noticed is that in an entrepreneurial world there are a lot of things that can distract you. In such an environment, having someone to help you reflect your actions is extremely powerful.

Advice For Young Marketers (32:57)

You have to put your words, your thoughts, and your voice out there.