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About Our guest

Michael Lukich - Executive Leader, Marketing Analytics and Insights at Booz Allen Hamilton

Michael is a marketing and technology professional with strong analytical, leadership, and communication skills. He has 15+ years of experience in marketing, management consulting, data analytics, and business strategy.

Michael began his career in engineering and evolved his passion for data with various consumer brands such as GE, Marriott, and Total Wine to eventually become an expert in marketing strategy and analytics.

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Show Notes

Getting Into The Marketing - (3:27)

I worked a lot with the end users, which happened to be marketers, and I’ve found the field fascinating.  That's why I've decided to go back to school and do an MBA with the focus on analytics and marketing. 

A data-driven side of marketing is much more interesting to me. 

Graduate School and Lessons Learned - (06:15) 

Learning about how businesses operate was eye-opening to me, and not just in marketing, but also how they drive sales and engage with customers. 

Being a Consultant in a Marketing Capacity - (11:19) 

It was much more strategic. It involved creating and building the strategy from the very beginning, which made it a rewarding experience. 

Skills Development During Marketing Analytics Consulting - (12:50) 

MBA experience was very beneficial, but I have learned the most while working at various organizations. My skills developed a lot when I got in touch with B2B marketing, which was very different compared to B2C marketing. 

Marketing in Different Industries - (15:15) 

For example, hospitality tends to be more B2C. It’s very much about loyalty. Technology world revolves around B2B marketing. It’s still trying to sell their products to other organizations but the tactics are different. The retail is a mix of both worlds. 

Marketer/Consultant Differences - (19:07)

At Wealth Engine I took on a marketer role and this was different from being a consultant because I was not only in charge of giving the recommendations, but also generating new leads. It was a much more creative role. 

Accomplishments at Wealth Engine - (21:48) 

We reduced the cost per lead by about 75 percent and increased our lead generation by over 25 percent. This was possible by shuffling our marketing mix. 

Channels with the high ROI - (23:13) 

We had a lot of success with paid social advertisement and partner marketing. Integrations with different technologies such as Salesforce and Marketo were also beneficial. 

A transition from being the Head of Marketing to being the Head of Marketing and Technology Department - (26:57) 

A challenging part was moving from a company of about 100 people to a company which had around 100 people just in marketing. 

The Channel Mix for a global Fortune 500 Consulting Firm - (29:42) 

At Booz Allen, about 90 percent of our business comes from the government or the government agencies. The sales cycles are longer.  A clear communication of our services and offerings is extremely important. 

The Most Important Skills Developed Over Time - (31:46) 

Learning to be aware of the areas where I need to spend a lot more effort to improve and in my case, this was related to branding and creative side of marketing.

Practical Skills for Starters - (32:55) 

Always know the numbers. Know the KPIs and set them up quickly. Being able to provide analysis and reports can impress the executives. 

The Long-term Plan - (34:14) 

Continue to grow as a marketer and not stay stagnant. I enjoy being a specialist but I also spend a lot of time trying to understand what’s coming next down the pike.