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AJ Wilcox - Founder of B2Linked

Aj is the Founder of B2Linked, the only agency worldwide that's a LinkedIn certified marketing partner. Their team of experts has managed >300 LinkedIn Ads accounts, spent a cumulative $110M+ on LinkedIn, which includes 4 of LinkedIn's top 10 accounts.


Show Notes

Part 1

Organic and Paid on Linkedin (02:30) 

I’ll start by saying that Linkedin is the easiest channel in the world to go viral on and that’s of course from the organic side. 

On Linkedin, two, three, or even four times more people are going to see your content and that’s the aspect of Linkedin I absolutely love the most. 

Getting Big Organic Reach (03:56) 

The best way to go viral on Linkedin is to share a text-only kind of posts. The next big important thing is to ask for comments. 

Your content should elicit reactions as people want to join conversations. 

Linkedin Ad Platform (06:42) 

Linkedin Ads has the best business to business targeting on the planet. It’s an amazing target but that’s also the reason why it’s so expensive. 

The average cost per click is between $6 to $9. Even at the beginning, you couldn’t really get an ad for less than $2. 

We typically recommend that those who want to advertise on Linkedin should have a lifetime value of customer somewhere between about $10,000 to $15,000 or more. 

Industries That Are Successful on Linkedin (08:51) 

There are three important segments. 

The first one is B2B where you are generating leads for a customer or a client that has a high lifetime value. These are typically SaaS companies. 

The second one is white collar recruiting. You can target people based on the positions you are looking for. 

And the last one is higher education. These are typically universities who want to reach people via ads and promote their MBA program for example. 

Conversions (11:36) 

Linkedin is a different type of platform and if you only put an ad there and expect people to schedule a meeting or a book a demo that most likely won't happen. 

You need to give people an incentive to share your information. 

In B2B the most common types of incentives are a free checklist, an ebook, free webinar, etc. 

The Competition in the Social Space (15:33) 

When you're on Linkedin, we know what your mindset is. You are either thinking about your job or your career. 

The exact job ad on Facebook and Linkedin obviously performs better on the latter. 

Facebook is less expensive but the targeting is rougher.

There is more cost certainty on Linkedin and that’s the reason why most advertisers prefer to pay premium prices. 

The Platform Targeting Capabilities (17:55) 

Facebook was first to introduce the vast majority of features that Linkedin is using today. 

One feature that Linkedin has but Facebook doesn’t is the company match. Essentially, you are able to upload a list of companies and create an audience based on that. 

A feature that I’d really love to see on Linkedin is the dynamic insertion. 

In the past few months, they have released audience templates. 

Microsoft’s Acquisition of Linkedin (24:16) 

Right now, Microsoft is leveraging LinkedIn's data for the Microsoft advertising platform.

Part 2

Managing a Campaign (02:40) 

Audience-message-offer is how I structure everything in my approach.

I know I'm going to need some imagery and have some ideas for ad copy. Also, I need to have a good offer, a lead magnet that is interesting enough to catch people’s attention. After that, I’ll do segmentation of my audiences. 

Make sure that whatever you are offering as cold first touch is free or your conversion rates will drop down to zero. Once they get to know you, there will be plenty of opportunities for them to open wallets. 

The trick is to start with a more finite audience until you validate that your ad strategy works. 

Pick one segment such as marketers and then expand to other segments over time. 

B2Linked Services (18:55) 

Linkedin Ads is a very expensive platform so there is going to be some learning curve there. If you go and try to do everything by yourself, you are probably going to make some mistakes. 

It might make sense to hire experts to do this for you if you have decided to test the platform.

Also, many beginners who tested the ads but failed weren’t sure if this was because of them or the platform itself. That’s another reason why working with Linkedin Ads experts is a wise choice. 

And the last takeaway, if you can’t stomach long sales cycle or the high CPC, Linkedin Ads are probably not the best choice for you.