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Rachel Lanzerotti - Founder at Five Rivers Yoga and Creator of the REST Method for Pain Recovery


Rachel is a Body-Mind Yoga Therapist, meditation teacher, and specialist in back pain relief. She’s been published in numerous journals, research studies, and periodicals including Stanford Magazine and Boston Women’s Health Book Collective. Rachel’s unique therapeutic approach is integrative and connects active rest, right movement, and pain recovery.

Show Notes

Rachel’s Background and Services She Provides - (02:32) 

I'm a pain recovery specialist focusing on low back pain. However, people come to me for knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and other kinds of health conditions. 

I created the REST method for pain recovery because I want people to wake up feeling refreshed. 

Rachel’s Business and REST Method - (03:21) 

Experiencing chronic pain can be a real obstacle for giving 100 percent at work or in personal life. I want a world where we feel better. 

REST method is based on four pillars. What I bring into this method is all of the tools of movement, breath, mindfulness, working with daily routines and habit change. 

Customers - (04:45) 

The people who come to me are often accomplished professionals. They are juggling professional role and family time. I have a particular focus in working with men, especially dads with back pain. 

Men didn’t really have a lot of people they could talk to about their particular frustrations, stress, and sometimes even shame experiencing chronic pain. 

Brand Positioning - (09:21) 

I have been going through a formal rebranding process. My business name is Five Rivers yoga therapy.  I'm also a social worker.  

I have found that people usually associate yoga with exercise, studio classes, spandex tights, and things like that. 

And 30 to 40-year old men don’t really relate to this. 

Ben’s Insights

I think that making it more about methodology and less about the holistic approach is a better solution. The repositioning is also going to make it more descriptive about the problem that you're trying to solve. 

Reaching The Target Market - (14:28) 

I have been focused on building a network of local practitioners in a variety of modalities. I think a strong referral network means that I can be a better resource for my clients. Currently, most of my client referrals come to me by word of mouth. I have also been doing outreach to health care organizations. There are a number of clinics in the San Francisco Bay area that I'm looking to develop relationships with. I also have a social media presence and I do a regular newsletter. I'm also searchable on Yelp and Google. Lately, I have been struggling with SEO a bit. 

Ben’s Insights

You have to target people that are in your local area because that's where you are a service provider. In terms of brand, I feel like you're headed in the right direction. 

If people that are actively looking to solve a chronic back problem, think of their problems being in phases, you want to position your service to be about stopping back pain before it gets out of control.

You need both a B2B and B2C strategy. 

Your best chance at filling your calendar is by working with organizations that can make referrals to you on a regular basis. There's also the idea of going to events and conferences. 

There are also email marketing automation tools that you can use to templatize your outreach. A great tool that you can try is called MixMax. 

You could also set up a referral program. When it comes to B2C strategy, a tool that can help you master online visibility is called Yext. 

Doing some guerrilla marketing could also be interesting. For example, going out and handing marketing material in places where you think people are likely going to be having the symptoms that you're trying to help them solve. 

Building relationships with the companies that have a lot of people that are working for them and putting in long hours is another thing that you can do.

The other idea in terms of local marketing is doing some direct mail which can be tested for cheap. When it comes to content, I would focus your content on positioning yourself to be the local expert on solving back pain. 

Upwork is a great site if you want to outsource your workload. The first thing to do is to submit your business to local service providers. Personal outreach and email marketing is always the first thing that I focus on. As you start to expand and you have a bigger budget, you can test some of these other channels.