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Edward Ford - The Director of Marketing at Supermetrics

Supermetrics is a tool that simplifies business reporting


Edward Ford is the Director of Marketing at Supermetrics, which is a tool for simplifying business reporting that consolidates metrics from sources like Google Analytics, Adwords, Youtube, and Facebook into one place. He’s also the host of the Growth Hub Podcast, which is a collection of conversations about marketing, growth, and sales.

Show Notes

Edward’s Background and Supermetrics (02:22)

I have a background in B2B marketing. I worked in the marketing sector of a cloud computing company in Helsinki, Finland.

From there, I ended up joining a small growth agency called Advanced B2B which worked with high tech companies. That’s when we launched a podcast as part of our own marketing efforts.

After being at Advanced B2B for nearly two years, I have joined Supermetrics. I’m there for a couple of months already and so far I’m loving it.

Some Of The Problems That Edward Faces (04:06)

We are doing a podcast at Supermetrics and we would love to know what were some of your most effective growth strategies for building a podcast.

At first, we didn’t really do too much of a promotion which may sound weird. The key growth lever for us was our network. The next one was identifying big communities where our audience would be present. For example, was super valuable for us. A third important channel was organic when people were searching for the actual guests.

We wanted to create a show that had a highly engaged audience. And we also weren’t looking to monetize the podcast. We only cared for the feedback we got from people.

Benjamin’s Advice (10:06)

First and foremost, the thing you need to nail is - be very clear on your positioning. I am a fan of naming podcasts what they are about and trying to be very specific.

If you are trying to reach a SaaS-specific community, I might actually modify it to be the SaaS growth podcast or the SaaS growth hub. In podcast positioning, you want to be as descriptive as you possibly can.

At first, you are going to get the most value from the guests you are reaching out to. We try to focus on Linkedin a lot. Also, make it easy for your guests to share content.

Posting regularly is another super important thing. Even if you need to break your content into smaller chunks.

Knit is a great platform to try for podcast advertising.

If you are thinking of starting a podcast, start with your why. What is the objective and purpose?

Advice For People Who Want To Start a Podcast (31:12)

Understand the level of commitment and time it's going to take to reach your goals. You need to publish regularly. Build a team to help you. It takes multiple months of consistent work so be ready to be patient.

Those are the things that you have to think about before you enter into the venture.