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Henrik Becker - Director of Marketing at Net-Results

Net-Results is The 1st choice of people buying marketing for the 2nd time


Henrik Becker is the Director of Marketing at Net-Results which is the number one solution for buying marketing automation software. Prior to his current role, Henrik was a marketing automation consultant and an in-house employee at a variety of SaaS startups. 

Show Notes

Part 1

Henrik’s Background And Net-Results (01:15)

I have been in marketing automation for the last six years. I have also worked as a marketer and a copywriter and ended up in marketing automation. First I used to be a partner for Net-Results. Many customers were looking to implement marketing automation but they didn’t know how to do it. That's where I came in. I helped them select and implement the software, work on their content strategy, etc.

How To Pick The Right Tools (04:20)

There are different tools for different businesses. My expertise is B2B marketing automation. I have worked with many mid and large B2B companies. In B2B you are trying to generate leads, while in the B2C you’re trying to make that first purchase and then extend the relationship from that point.

Define a problem that is costing your business money and see if you can pick the right solution.

The second thing is - talk to all the people in the business who are going to be influenced by this decision.

When you are researching a tool, pay attention to their content and what problem they are trying to solve. You should also ask vendors how they would help you implement a certain solution.

Evaluating Demos and Trials (13:39)

A good sales rep will ask you questions and will be genuinely interested in the way you do business and the problems you’re trying to solve.

The first demo round you should do by yourself. After that, you can bring a person from your team and talk about things such as APIs, integrations and things like that.

In the enterprise space, many vendors have been restricting free trials and this has been a problem. I don’t understand that because customers should really know what they’re getting into. At Net-Results, not only do we give a free trial, but we also give you an onboarding.

You should also ask yourself, how much will the vendor help you be successful and what does onboarding look like.

The Negotiating Process (19:50)

If you’re dealing with a smaller platform the price is usually fixed. The bigger the commitment, the more wiggle room there is. We offer a month to month payment option or a yearly payment with a discount. A lot of other companies also follow the same principle.

However, there could be some add ons so you should get a guarantee of what a total cost is going to be like.

It also never hurts to ask for a discount.

Part 2

How To Make The Most Out of Software (02:12)

Sometimes you will have a great sales experience and you will expect that to continue with your onboarding and customer support. Sadly, that is not always the case.

You need to have a clear understanding who in your company is going to use this tool and how they are going to use it.

When you are negotiating the terms of your agreement with the software company, you need to think about how much onboarding support you’re going to get.

How To Be a Successful Software User (07:56)

First of all, use the momentum you have built by purchasing the software. We had weekly training sessions with team members and I recommend that for your business as well.

You need to make sure that this won’t disappear from the agenda.

Another tip is to document what you’re doing from the start. If someone new joins the team, they need to be able to access documentation easily and to understand it.