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Show Notes

When it comes to quantifiable goals, we're trying to reach 100,000 downloads per month before the end of the year.  

We're also trying to generate a total of $100,000 in sponsorship revenue. 

As we look at this month, MarTech podcast was downloaded 35,000 times. That's roughly a 6,000 downloads increase from last month, which is a little over a 20% month-over-month growth rate. 

We invested $5,000 into marketing this month and it was in two channels specifically. The first was Knit advertising platform and the second one was Inside Newsletter. 

It costs us about 83 cents to acquire a new download, which is slightly up from last month. 

We also started investing in more social content creation and this isn't something that I'm counting in our performance metrics.

We are trying to drive more organic reach through social media channels, especially LinkedIn. 

Over 86% of the people who listened to our podcasts are subscribers of the show.  

The vast majority of people are engaged, they're listening to multiple episodes, they're listening at least once a week.

If you're going to be a sponsor of the MarTech podcast, chances are someone is actually going to hear your episode at least four times in a month.