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Show Notes

  • 02:45 - Recap of what we are trying to accomplish 

  • 04:10 - This month’s performance 


  • “The MarTech team has recorded, edited and published roughly 200 interviews.” - Ben

  • “We've published over 300 pieces of content and generated 350,000 downloads.” - Ben

  • “MarTech podcast is my biggest professional accomplishment.” - Ben

  • “Our goal is to evaluate the opportunity of growing a podcast network.” - Ben

  • “We launched the Finding a Job podcast.” - Ben

  • “In terms of our marketing spend, the vast majority went to the Knit platform where we have spent $9,200.” - Ben

  • “We are spending a little over $10,000 a month to generate growth on the podcast.” - Ben

  • “We will focus on organic growth optimization and SEO.” - Ben


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