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Show Notes

01:38 - Our Non-Quantifiable Goals 

03:06 - The Channels We Invested In 

05:42 - Tests We Did in the Last Few Months 


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“Our non-quantifiable goals for this year are to understand who our listeners are and to try to mitigate risks by cultivating new growth channels.” - Ben

“We want to generate $100,000 in sponsorship revenue.” - Ben 

“In August, we’re going to reach about 44,000 downloads, which is roughly 2000 incremental downloads for the month, which is a 5% month over month gain.” - Ben

“We love Knit platform and we invested $6000 in it this month.” - Ben 

“We put $3000 into the inside newsletter platform.” - Ben 

“The other thing we started testing this month is Facebook Advertising. We invested $100 to try it out.” - Ben 

“Last quarter I hired a PR agency so they could get me on 10 different podcasts. I’ve spent about $4000 on this service.” - Ben 

“We didn’t have a lot of incremental downloads.” - Ben 

“Our goal of reaching 100,000 downloads per month is probably not going to happen. Somewhere around 75,000 per month is probably more realistic.” - Ben 

“This month we added $16,250 in revenue, which brings us to $61,000 in revenue for the quarter.” - Ben 

“We passed our yearly goal of $100,000 in revenue.” - Ben 

“We’re seeing a lot of repeat sponsorship business which is really gratifying.” - Ben